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The Fleet


Current Fleet


Fleet Command

Narrative Causality

Class: Cobra Mk. III

Congenital Insensitivity to Pain

Class: Python

Exploration Wing

Outside Context Problem


Class: Asp Explorer

Frustrated Total Internal Reflection

Class: Diamondback Explorer

Summoning Dark

Class: Diamondback Scout


Class: Type-6 Transporter

Combat Wing

Fundamental Attribution Error

Class: Vulture

Red Queen Hypothesis

Class: Viper Mk. IV

Moment of Inertia

Class: Federal Dropship

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Class: Imperial Clipper

Appeal to Authority

Class: Federal Gunship

Merry Wanderer of the Night

Class: Imperial Courier

Angriest Angel

Class: Eagle Mk. II

Transport Wing

Object in Space

Class: Keelback

Causa Finalis

Class: Dolphin

Quantum of Gravitas

Class: Type-7 Transporter

Principle of Sufficient Reason

Class: Orca

Accumulation of Future Nostalgia

Class: Adder

Sunk Cost Fallacy

Class: Cobra Mk. IV


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